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Career Academy FAQ

Frequently asked questions

Will I be on camera or am I expected to be on camera?

We would LOVE for you to have your camera on during the event. We hope to keep our event fun and engaging and interaction is best while using video in this virtual setting. If you feel uncomfortable being on video during the event, we hope to make accommodations for you. Please communicate this to your campus recruiter prior to your Career Academy.

How can I ensure I am prepared?

Test your software! We require you to download the desktop application of Zoom for the very best experience. Click here to download the Zoom desktop app.

Have questions prepared and set goals of what you hope to gain out of the Career Academy experience. Consider having something nearby to write things down or additional questions as they come up throughout the program.

Stay engaged - this means avoid all controllable distractions, silence notifications and your cell phone, grab a snack and a water bottle and take a bio break before we get started.

What if I have technology issues with Zoom (video/audio)?

If you have technology issues with downloading Zoom, troubles with video or audio, please reach out to the campus recruiting inbox at campusrecruiting@cbiz.com and one of our campus recruiters will assist you. You can also try the Zoom Help Center.

Do I need to bring anything?

You will not be required to bring anything such as your resume. All we ask is you to come with questions and curiosity to learn more about CBIZ!

What if I feel uncomfortable about my virtual background…

No need to feel uncomfortable, the entire campus recruiting team is also working from home out of our bedrooms, basements and kitchens! We do recommend cleaning up your background to the best of your ability to avoid distractions. You can also consider using a virtual background during the event if it makes you more comfortable.

What other tips do you have for me?

It's okay to not have everything figured out just yet! That's what the Career Academy is for - to learn more about public accounting, what CBIZ has to offer, and to find your perfect fit.

Throughout the day, remain curious - don't be afraid to ask questions if you want to know more or don't understand something. This is your time to help figure out what your career path may look like and have the insight from professionals who have been in your shoes.

Use your campus recruiter! Have a question before or after the event? Email your campus recruiter or campusrecruiting@CBIZ.com and we'll ensure to get back to you.

For other virtual event suggestions, check out our @CBIZCareers Instagram for frequent tips and tricks on how best to prepare

What is Slido?

Slido is an interactive software that we'll be using throughout the Career Academy. You'll be able to participate in quizzes, polls and submit questions before and during the event. Detailed instructions will be given during the event. If you have issues with Slido, support will be provided during the event or feel free to reach out to campusrecruiting@cbiz.com.

So the Career Academy is over, what's next?

Your campus recruiter will be in touch with you no later than 2 weeks from your event date to discuss next steps in the recruitment process with CBIZ. Please work with your specific recruiter if you are balancing offer deadlines or have specific questions.